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Two Chinese Famille Verte Jar with Horseback Riding, Qing Period, Tongzhi Era

Two Chinese Famille Verte Jar with Horseback Riding, Qing Period, Tongzhi Era

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These small, oval-shaped jars feature vibrant and striking enamels characteristic of famille verte porcelain. Crafted from an exceptionally refined paste, it belongs to a superior quality of ceramic ware. Famille verte is distinguished by its brilliant green enamels and a rich palette of overglaze colors, such as vivid yellow, red, blue, and black. The base of the jar bears the Tongzhi period (1862-1874) reign mark in red, indicating its historical timeframe.

Period: Qing Dynasty
Type: Jar
Medium: Famille verte, enamel
Size : 16.5 cm(Height) x 10cm(Diameter)
Condition: Excellent

* Famille verte

Famille verte, a term that translates to "green family" in French, refers to a distinctive style of Chinese porcelain that became highly popular during the Kangxi period (1662-1722) of the Qing Dynasty. This style of ceramic is renowned for its vivid green enamels, from which it derives its name, but it also features a rich palette of other colors including yellow, blue, red, and black. These colors are applied over the glaze of the porcelain pieces, creating intricate and colorful designs that often depict scenes from nature, mythology, or daily life in exquisite detail.

The production of famille verte porcelain involves a highly refined and labor-intensive process. Artisans first fire the porcelain body, then apply a clear glaze and fire it again. The enamels are then painted onto the glazed surface, and the piece is fired for a third time at a lower temperature to fuse the enamels to the glaze. This technique allows for a vibrant and glossy finish that is both visually stunning and durable.

Famille verte wares are highly valued by collectors and connoisseurs for their technical excellence and artistic beauty. They are considered to be some of the finest examples of Qing Dynasty porcelain and hold significant cultural and historical value. The intricate designs and vivid colors of famille verte ceramics make them standout pieces in any collection, reflecting the rich tradition of Chinese porcelain artistry.

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