AUA Oriental Art

In the relentless chase of ever-shifting trends, there's a potential emptiness. Despite the perception of antiques as outdated, they provide a grounding stability. For those seeking refuge from overwhelming modern imagery, antiques offer a return to the roots of ideas and creativity.

Originating from the Oriental Art Museum in South Korea, AUA Oriental Art has been dedicated to the Asian art since late 1990s from its first collection acquired from Hongkong. We focuses primarily on two categories of asian antiques.

One prominent category is our collection of Asian underwater antiques—ceramics originating from China and exported to Europe during the 15th to the 17th centuries. Recovered from the depths of the sea, these ceramics bear a documented history of commercial trade, often finding their way to prestigious auctions like Sotheby's and Christie's. Noteworthy institutions worldwide, such as the British Museum, the V&A Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, proudly showcase these artifacts, underscoring their significance in the global cultural landscape.

The second collection highlights our array of ancient ceramics, curated in Hong Kong from late 1990s to the early 2000s. These pieces showcase the sophistication and elegance inherent in Asian ceramic artistry. Primarily consisting of artifacts from the Jin, Han, Tang, and Song dynasties, this collection features delicately crafted ceramics, inviting an appreciation of the timeless beauty found in classical East Asian art. The meticulous and refined designs of these ceramics embody the aesthetic grace that characterizes the classic beauty of East Asian art.

Carefully curated over a period of more than two decades, these artworks have undergone a meticulous selection process, benefitting from the insights of numerous specialists. The nuanced details of each piece, encompassing its provenance and the graceful aging evident in the patina of time with scientific approach, stand as tangible markers of their authenticity. The intricate facets woven into each artwork allow you to confidently recognize and affirm their true value, a testament to the expertise and dedication invested in their curation over the decades.

* The Asian Works of Art from the AUA Oriental Art Gallery