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Rare Dingyao Green-Glazed Dragon Dish, Northern Song Dynasty

Rare Dingyao Green-Glazed Dragon Dish, Northern Song Dynasty

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This green-glazed bowl was finely crafted with an attention to detail that highlights the skill of the Cizhou green and Ding ware potter. Its delicate form has been adorned with a dragon in the center. Surrounding the central dragon motif is a finely carved pattern of plant foliage, lotus flowers or peonies. "Iridescence" is observed in surface.

Period : Northern Song Dynasty (AD 960-1127)
Type : Green-glazed dish
Medium : Ceramics, Stoneware
Size : 19.5 cm(Diameter), 3cm(Height)
Provenance : Acquired in late 1990s, Hongkong
Reference :

1) Sotheby's, Newyork 17 March 2009 - Fine Chinese Ceramics And Works Of Art - lot36 (Same iridescence in this meiping)

2) Sotheby's, London 12 November 2003. lot76. (A similar piece was in the auction of this auction)

3) China Guardian Hongkong - Spring 2019 - Lot1449

4) Smithsonian National Museum of Asian Art - Accession Number F1917.204

5) V&A Museum UK - ACCESSION NUMBER C.824-1936

6) Christies Hongkong 4 APR 2017 - The Pavilion Sale - Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art - Lot89


* Ding-Green and Cizhou-Green

In the Song Dynasty, green glazes were prominently featured in two types: "Ding green" and "Cizhou green." "Ding green" refers to the green-glazed ceramics produced by Ding kilns. While Ding kilns were primarily known for their white porcelain, they also produced green-glazed items. An example of this is the green-glazed 'Ding' pillow with a carved lotus pond design found in Dingzhou, Hebei Province, which was entirely covered in green glaze. This artifact indicates that by the Song Dynasty, green glaze was no longer used solely for burial items but had been incorporated into everyday life.

Apart from Ding kilns, Cizhou kilns also produced a large number of green-glazed works. According to research, the green-glazed works from the Cizhou kilns can be categorized into two types. One type features patterns carved onto the green-glazed products, and the other has a green-glaze base with black color applied over it. The green-glazed products produced by the Cizhou kilns were colloquially known as "Cizhou green" by the public.

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