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Longquan Celadon-Glazed 'Dragon' Dish, Yuan Dynasty

Longquan Celadon-Glazed 'Dragon' Dish, Yuan Dynasty

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The dish is decorated to the centre with a moulded appliqué dragon chasing the flaming pearl surrounded by a carved stylised foliage band at the cavetto. The moulded fluted exterior is carved with a lotus petal band. The dish is covered overall with a sea-green glaze which highlights the raised and carved design, the base has an unglazed ring which has fired orange.

Period: Yuan- Early Ming Dynasty (12th~14th century)
Region: Longquan, China
Medium: Stoneware - Celadon glazed
Type: Celadon-Glazed 'Dragon' Dish
Size : 35 cm(Diameter) , 7.5cm(Height)

Condition : When checking the back part, the discolored part and the clean part are separated, so it appears to have been repaired a long time ago (at least 30 years ago), but it may have just been discolored naturally without repairing
Provenance : Purchased from the gallery in the early 2000s.
Reference :

1) British Museum - Museum number PDF,A.219

2) Christies London 7 NOV 2017 - Fine Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art - Lot11
(Price : 9,375 GBP / Type : Closely related)

* Yuan Dynasty Longquan Celadon

When comparing the Longquan celadon of the Song (宋) Dynasty with that of the Yuan (元) Dynasty, a distinctive feature of Yuan Dynasty celadon is its deeper sea-like color. The celadon of the Song Dynasty is characterized by its more natural greenish glaze, which emphasizes understated elegance and refined beauty. In contrast, the Yuan Dynasty saw technological advancements and cultural diversity that led to the emergence of a brighter, more transparent, and sometimes deeper oceanic shade of jade-like glaze. This deeper ocean color reflects the progress in glaze technology during the Yuan Dynasty, combining with a jade-like luster to offer a unique aesthetic value. 

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