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AUA Oriental Art



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Of broad pear shape rising from a low foot to a waisted neck and flared rim, covered overall with a lustrous brownish-black glaze with six bands of russet-strokes radiating.

Period : Northern Song-Jin Dynasty
Type : Yuhuchunping
Medium : Black glazed with russet painted
Dimension : 29cm(Height), 8cm(Mouth Diameter) 
Condition : Good
Provenance : Acquired in late 1990s from Hongkong
Reference :

1) Bonhams London 12 MAY 2016 - Fine Chinese Art - Lot 30
(Price realised : £ 37,500 / Type : Closely Related)

2) Bonhams London 11 MAY 2021 - Roger Keverne Ltd Moving On - Lot 99
(Price realised : £12,750 / Type : Related)

3) Christies NEW YORK 22 MAR 2018 - The Classic Age of Chinese Ceramics - The Linyushanren Collection, Part III - Lot 521
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4) Christies HONG KONG 30 MAY 2024 - Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art - Lot 2854
(Price realised : HKD 201,600 / Type : Related)

* Black-glazed ceramics in Northern Song-Jin dynasty

Black-glazed ceramics, also known as "black ware," were prominent during the Northern Song (960–1127) and Jin (1115–1234) dynasties. The creation of these ceramics involved the application of a rich, dark glaze, typically achieved using iron oxide. This glaze was applied over a stoneware or porcelain body, then fired at high temperatures to produce a glossy, dark finish ranging from deep brown to black. Notable techniques included the "tea-dust" glaze, which exhibited a speckled appearance, and the "oil-spot" glaze, characterized by small, iridescent spots. The high-temperature firing process was crucial for achieving the desired glaze effects and durability.

The design of black-glazed ceramics often included intricate carvings, incised, or molded decorations. Common forms included bowls, vases, jars, and ceramic pillows. These pillows, used as headrests, featured detailed designs such as floral patterns, animals, and mythical creatures. An example of this is a black-glazed ceramic pillow from the Jin dynasty, which features carvings of two lions. Similar pieces can be found in the Guanfu Museum, where black-glazed pillows depicting the Twelve Zodiac Animals are displayed. The combination of sophisticated glazing techniques and detailed decorative elements exemplifies the advanced ceramic artistry of the Northern Song and Jin dynasties.

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