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Burial Model of a Green glazed Watch-Tower, Han Dynasty

Burial Model of a Green glazed Watch-Tower, Han Dynasty

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The tower consists of hollow removable floors, which stand in an stand and entrance above. The detail in the piece showcases the unique and fascinating depiction of a person’s face visible between the window shutters, adding a lively and whimsical element to the artwork which is very rare. This portrayal highlights the creativity and wit of ancient artists. Moreover, the ceramic piece is adorned with intricately carved animals. Notably, the figure of a deer is exquisitely rendered, underscoring the rarity and value of this artwork. Ceramic models of common structures were often placed in aristocratic tombs during the Han dynasty. 

Period : Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD)
Medium :  Green Glazed Pottery
Dimension : 82cm(Height)
Provenance : The piece was acquired in Hong Kong in late 1990s.
Condition : Good(Minor cracks on rooftop surface, etc)
Reference : 
1) Indianapolis Museum of Art - Accession Number 1987.57A-I
(Type : Closely related)

2) Christies NEW YORK 21 Mar 2000 - Fine Chinese Ceramics, Paintings and Works of Art - Lot 246
(Price realised : 13,800 USD / Type : Closely related)

3) Royal Ontario Museum - Object number: 968.349.1
(Type : Closely related);jsessionid=BD9137E7AD8887EB1375A514D96BE7CB?ctx=097e95f0-52b7-4b08-ba1a-e17eb81d63b2&idx=0

4) MIA - Accession Number 88.77.1
(Type : Closely related)

* Han Dynasty Pottery

Han Dynasty pottery, originating from one of China's most significant historical periods (202 BCE – 220 CE), is renowned for its technological and artistic achievements in ceramic production. These artifacts typically feature a distinctive green glaze, although other colors were also used. The pottery often includes intricate decorative motifs, such as animals, mythological figures, and geometric patterns.

The craftsmanship during the Han Dynasty was advanced, with pottery techniques that were innovative for the time. These pieces were not only utilitarian but also held ceremonial and symbolic significance. The shapes and designs of Han Dynasty pottery vary, including items like urns, vases, and figures, reflecting both the daily life and the spiritual beliefs of the period.

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