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Circular form with flattened doomed covers, the covers with a medallion of flower with full bloom, the bowls with two round borders.

Period : Qing Dynasty, Kangxi-Yongzheng Period
Production Date : 17-18th century
Made in : Jingdezhen
Found/Acquired : Southeast Asia , South China Sea from shipwreck
Size : 11 cm (Diameter) x 4.5cm(Height)
Condition : Excellent (Slightly worn)

Reference : Christies London 15 JUL – 5 AUG 2020 - Note to Self: The Art of Contemplation - Lot 6

(Price realised : GBP 2,750 / Type : Closely related)

* Famille Rose

Famille Rose porcelain, popular during the Qing Dynasty from the Kangxi era and throughout the 18th century, is a style of Chinese ceramics. The term, derived from French, means "Pink Family" and refers to porcelain primarily decorated with various shades of pink and other bright colors. This style succeeded the Famille Verte (green family) ceramics and evolved under European influence.

  • Color: The most distinctive feature of Famille Rose porcelain is its use of a range of pink shades, as suggested by its name. This style also incorporates purple, green, yellow, and blue to create delicate and vivid decorations.
  • Technique: These ceramics were produced using a new type of enamel pigment called "Yangcai" (foreign colors), which were imported from the West. This allowed for the expression of fine and bright colors not previously seen in Chinese porcelain.
  • Decoration: Famille Rose porcelain is often decorated with intricate and detailed designs featuring flowers, birds, landscapes, figures, and mythological scenes. These decorations elevate the porcelain to works of art, offering a rich understanding of Chinese culture and art of the time.
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