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Guardian Haitai Lion Pottery Figure, Northern Wei-Tang Dynasties

Guardian Haitai Lion Pottery Figure, Northern Wei-Tang Dynasties

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This figure represent a guardian haitai. The style of the figurine, with its facial features and remnants of paint, suggests it could be a part of funerary art, which was common in Chinese culture during these periods.


Date : Northern Wei-Tang Dynasty(4-7th century)
Dimension : 24cm (Height) x 9cm(diameter)
Condition : Good
Provenance : Acquired in late 1990s from Hongkong
Reference : Princeton University Art Museum - Object Number y1950-84 / OBJECT NUMBER y1948-14


* Pottery figures from the Northern Wei Dynasty

The Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534 CE) was a period of profound cultural and artistic development in China, particularly noted for its contributions to Buddhist art. Pottery figures from this era often reflect the fusion of Chinese artistic traditions with Buddhist iconography. The remnants of paint on some figures suggest they were once brightly colored, which would have added to their visual impact and sacred aura.

 Crafted from terracotta, these figures could range from representations of Buddha and bodhisattvas to mythical creatures and guardian figures, serving religious and protective functions. These figures were typically used to adorn temples and tombs, illustrating a blend of reverence and artistry that characterized the period. 

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