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Jun Ware purple-splashed bowl, Yuan dynasty

Jun Ware purple-splashed bowl, Yuan dynasty

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With spreading sides rising at the rim, and small, neatly cut, spreading foot. Covered with a thick, light blue glaze running into pools above the foot and somewhat crazed inside, where a splash of crimson copper oxide were applied.

The air bubbles on the surface randomly changed to white, which would be a natural change of oxidation in excavated condition. The surface of the glaze is beautiful adorned and has a sense of depth, like starlight.

Period : Yuan Dynasty(1271-1368)
Type : Bowl
Medium : Junyao ware
Size : 8 cm(Height), 18.5 cm(Diameter) 
Provenance : Acquired in late 1990s from Hongkong

Reference : 
1) Royal Collection Trust -  HM Queen Elizabeth II 2016 Catalogue
(Type : Closely related)

2) The MET - Accession Number: 1975.1.1676 
(Type : Closely related)

3) Sotheby's New York 24 March 2021 - The Hundred Antiques: Fine and Decorative Asian Art - Lot 533
(Price realised : 8,820 USD / Type : Closely related)

* Yuan Dynasty Jun Ware

Yuan dynasty Jun ware pottery demonstrates several key differences from Jun ware produced in previous eras, particularly in the advancements in glaze technology and the variety of colors achieved.

Technical and Aesthetic Differences: During the Yuan dynasty, Jun ware pottery saw notable advancements in glaze technology. This period's Jun ware is characterized by more vibrant and deep glaze colors, especially noted for a blue that is often described as "the blue of the sky by moonlight." Compared to earlier Jun ware, the Yuan versions displayed a broader spectrum of colors, particularly richer shades of blues and purples. Additionally, Yuan Jun ware frequently showcased a flowing glaze effect, where the glaze appears to have run down the sides of the pottery, enhancing the aesthetic value of these pieces with its dynamic appearance.

Evolution in Production Techniques: The production techniques for Yuan dynasty Jun ware also evolved significantly. The process of firing at high temperatures became more refined, improving the durability of the pottery and the adherence of the glaze to the pottery's surface. This advancement in firing technology not only enhanced the durability of the pottery but also ensured that the glaze spread more evenly over the surface, accentuating the distinctive beautiful glaze effects characteristic of Jun ware. Furthermore, these technical improvements contributed to the increasing demand for pottery during the Yuan dynasty, not only as luxury items but also for everyday use.

These differences highlight how Yuan dynasty Jun ware not only continued the traditions of previous eras but also elevated the craft of pottery making through technical and aesthetic advancements.

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