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Large Block Print Blue and White Bowl c 1822, Tek Sing Cargo

Large Block Print Blue and White Bowl c 1822, Tek Sing Cargo

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This impressive, large-sized circular bowl, featuring hues of blue and white, showcases decoration through a block print technique. It is adorned with two horizontal bands of shou characters, which alternate with intricate floral motifs, all set between linear horizontal bands. The bowl's interior well displays a character encircled by a white underglaze ring, while its relatively wide foot rim is also underglazed.

Period : Qing Dynasty(1644-1911)
Type : Bowl
Primary Material : Porcelain
Found/Acquired : Southeast Asia , South China Sea, Ca Mau ship
Dimension : 13cm(Height) x 25cm (Diameter)
Condition : Excellent (Slightly worn)
Reference : Double checked with reference to the original catalogues
1) Nagel Auctions Tek Sing Treasures auction catalogue, sale date 17th November 2000.


* Tek Sing Cargo

The Tek Sing, known as "True Star," was a large Chinese ocean-going vessel that embarked on a voyage in 1822, navigating the South China Sea near the Belvidere Shoal in the Gaspar Strait between the Indonesian islands of Bangka and Belitung. It was transporting a rich cargo of porcelain goods, silk, spices, and other trade items, along with a significant number of passengers who were seeking new opportunities in Southeast Asia, highlighting its role in the cultural and trade exchanges of the era.

The vessel's journey took a critical turn when attempting to navigate through a shortcut. The following day, a British East India Company ship came to the aid of those on board, showcasing a moment of maritime solidarity.

In 1999, the site of the Tek Sing was rediscovered by salvor Michael Hatcher and his team, unveiling an extraordinary collection of early 19th-century Chinese porcelain and other artifacts. These findings have provided invaluable insights into the historical trade routes and cultural interactions between China and Southeast Asia. The rediscovery of the Tek Sing has enriched our understanding of maritime history, celebrating the vessel's significance in global trade and cultural exchange.

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