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Large Ming Style Red-glazed Jar, Qing Dynasty

Large Ming Style Red-glazed Jar, Qing Dynasty

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Decorated with fishes and lotus scene in underglaze red. Ming dynasty style chinese export porcelain from Qing dynasty unearthed from the underwater.

Period : Qing Dynasty
Size : 52cm (Height), 19cm(Mouth Diameter)
Condition : Good(Worn out due to underwater condition
Provenance : Acquired in early 2000s from South East Asia

* Yuan-Ming Style from Qing Dynasty

During the Qing dynasty, many ceramics were produced that imitated the styles of the Ming and Yuan dynasties. This practice was not mere imitation but a creative endeavor to inherit and innovate upon past techniques and styles. Qing dynasty ceramicists mastered the exceptional techniques of Ming and Yuan ceramics and used them as a foundation to develop more advanced works. Particularly, Yuan dynasty blue and white porcelain and Ming dynasty colored ceramics significantly influenced Qing ceramics, with traditional patterns and forms deeply embedded in their creations.

Yuan-Ming prototypes were produced to meet the demand for ancient antiques from overseas. Qing dynasty artisans incorporated traditional elements while introducing innovative designs and techniques, producing unique and artistic ceramics. Thus, Qing ceramics are highly regarded for their respect for Ming and Yuan legacies while simultaneously creating new artistic expressions. This not only reinforced cultural authenticity but also played a crucial role in international trade and cultural exchanges.

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