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Moulded Goldfish Blue and White Dishes, Ming Era

Moulded Goldfish Blue and White Dishes, Ming Era

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A porcelain dish from the Ming Dynasty, produced during either the Hongzhi (1488-1505) or Zhengde (1506-1521) periods, features decoration. A fish, left without glazing, is fired to achieve an orange iron oxide color. The dish is adorned with blue and white aquatic plants. Although it is of the 'Provincial' variety, it was crafted in Jingdezhen. These dishes, known for their thick construction, do not possess a traditional foot-rim. Instead, a sort of rim is formed by a circular indentation at the base, leading to their categorization as part of the 'Hole Base' group.

Period: Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)
Type: Blue and White Porcelain
Diameter : 12.2 cm / 12.0cm
Provenance : Acquired in early 2000, South East Asia

Reference : Robert Mcpherson Antiques
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