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Two blue-glazed figures, Ming Period (1368-1644)

Two blue-glazed figures, Ming Period (1368-1644)

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Statues of Chinese dignitaries crafted from terracotta, featuring glazes in blue and ocher, are set on rectangular bases. The wide-sleeved robes and craftsmanship, along with the cylindrical hats, indicate their origin, specifically from the Ming dynasty.

Period: Ming Dynasty 
Medium: blue-glazed Pottery
Type: Figure
Size :  5cm(Diameter) x 19cm(Height) / 6cm(Diameter) , 23cm(Height)
Condition : Good 
Provenance : Acquired in early 2000s from Hongkong


* Ming Dynasty pottery figure
Ming Dynasty pottery figures are renowned for their vibrant green or blue glaze, achieved by adding copper oxide to the clay, which develops its color when fired at high temperatures. These figures, often depicting humans, animals, and mythical beings, were used in tombs as offerings, in temples, or as decorations in affluent homes. Characterized by intricate designs and a glossy finish, they hold significant cultural and religious importance, symbolizing protection and companionship in the afterlife. 

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