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Two glazed figures playing the instrument, Ming Period (1368-1644)

Two glazed figures playing the instrument, Ming Period (1368-1644)

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Statues of Chinese musicians crafted from terracotta, featuring glazes in green, black, ocher and blue. Set on rectangular bases. Compared to other figures, musician figures are relatively rare, and each of the two figures is glazed with distinctive colors. 

Period: Ming Dynasty 
Medium: Green-glazed Pottery
Type: Figure
Size :  Left - 6cm(Diameter) x 19cm(Height) / Right - 6.5cm(Diameter) x 24cm(Height)
Condition : Fair(It has soil on it, which is presumed to be evidence of excavation)
Provenance : Acquired in early 2000s from Hongkong
Reference : La Maison De La Petite Sara S.r.l. - Archaeology section - A Black glazed Terracotta Statuette, Servant with Trumpet, Ming Dynasty
(Price realised : 700 GBP / Type : Highly related)

* Ming Dynasty glazed pottery figure

Ming Dynasty glazed pottery figures are remarkable artifacts that reflect the artistic and cultural richness of the period. These figures, typically made from porcelain or stoneware, are coated with vibrant, colorful glazes. The glazing techniques used during the Ming Dynasty were highly advanced, allowing for a wide range of colors and intricate details.

These figures depict a variety of subjects and activities, each crafted with distinctive colors and precise detailing. They represent different aspects of social and cultural life of the time, including religious figures, mythical beings, and everyday people engaged in various activities. The glazing process involved applying a vitreous coating to the pottery, which was then fired at high temperatures. This not only enhanced the durability of the figures but also added a glossy, decorative finish.

The use of different glazes and the precision of their application highlight the skilled craftsmanship of Ming Dynasty artisans. As a result, Ming Dynasty glazed pottery figures are highly valued by collectors and historians for their artistic and historical significance.

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