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AUA Oriental Art



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The artwork, with its foliage and floral motifs, suggests a connection to the natural world—a common theme in Vietnamese art. Such items were highly traded, and their recovery from shipwrecks helps us understand the extent of maritime commerce in Southeast Asia during the 15th and 16th centuries. This piece embodies the craftsmanship and aesthetic values of the period, providing insights into the cultural and economic contexts of its time.

Dates : 15th century Le Dynasty
Region : North Annam
Type : Bowl
Found/Acquired : Southeast Asia , South China Sea, Hoi An Ship
Diameter : 17cm
Reference : Double checked with reference to the original catalogue
Butterfield Treasures Hoi An Hoard Auction Catalogs / San Francisco Butterfields 2000

* Vietnamese trade ceramics

Around the mid-14th century, Vietnam developed its ceramics production technology by producing blue and white porcelain, and began to export it overseas. During this period, China Ming Dynasty implemented a policy of lifting the ban from 1371 to 1657 and restricted foreign trade. This served as a good opportunity in the trade history of Vietnamese ceramics, and ceramic exports boomed from the late 15th to the 16th century, expanding sales channels not only to Southeast Asia but also to Japan, the Middle East, and several European countries.

During 15~16th century, Vietnam's international trade policy became much more liberal than in the past. In northern Vietnam, commerce became more active as markets were formed around ports, riverine ports, and handicraft villages. This led to the emergence of many large commercial centers such as Phố Hiến, Thăng Long and Hội An.

Through this, Vietnam's international trade and economy also grew significantly. In the above commercial area, stores of European merchants from the Netherlands, England, France, and Portugal were opened and operated. Merchants from many countries around the world entered Vietnam and engaged in intermediate trade.

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